Quality Plumbing Repair In O'Fallon

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Quality Plumbing Repair In O'Fallon

O'Fallon Residence Choose Preferred Plumbing for Bathroom Plumbing Repair

It's no surprise that there is a difference from plumbing company to plumbing company. Kevin Townsend's goal is always professional quality and service first, making him your last stop for bathroom plumbing repair. Recently, we tackled yet another simple job in O'Fallon that was not done right the first time.

A Bathroom Plumbing Repair Gone Bad

To preserve anonymity and professionalism, Jane Doe asked us to come take a look at a job one of our larger competators had done in her bathroom. The original job was obviously done by a lesser experienced technician, and while it looked right on completion, due to the choice and size of materials used, the plumbing installation had begun leaking.

Quality Plumbing Repair Solutions With No Hidden Surprises

We thoroughly explained the situation to Jane and made several recommendations. She decided to go with a medium-level fix that not only resolved the problem, but guaranteed the longevity of the plumbing work done to the bathroom. In less than a day, Jane had a completely resolved pluming issue in her bathroom, and we'd corrected yet another mistake from another local company.

Make Sure You Get Multiple Bathroom Plumbing Repair Quotes

Kevin Townsend with Preferred Plumbing recommends getting at least 2 or 3 plumbing quotes, as well as recommendations from friends before you hire a plumber to tackle your Kitchen Remodeling, Bath Remodeling, Hot Water Heater Replacement & Repair and New Plumbing Installation needs. All too often, people get sweet-talked by well-dressed technicians or marketing campaigns and end up pulling the trigger on a contract that ends up need to be redone within a few weeks or months.

To get a 2nd or 3rd opinion, or to ge your 1st recommendation, call Kevin wtih Preferred Plumbing today!