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Quality Plumbing From Licensed Professionals

For over 20 years Preferred Plumbing has installed Plumbing in New Residential Homes, Apartments and Commercial Buildings. From a bathroom addition, to an apartment complex our Staff can assist you with design and help you choose fixtures for your project.

Our Licensed Plumbers are familiar with Plumbing codes in the state of Illinois.

We install:

  •  Copper water systems
  •  CPVC water systems
  •  PVC drain systems
  •  Natural gas systems

Preferred Plumbing delivers quality plumbing as well as expert, certified installation. Our teams regularly install plumbing in brand new homes as well as complete plumbing home remodeling solutions, thus they are ready to handle any customer service need.

Looking for a Quality Licensed Plumber?

Look no further. Contact us today to learn more about our quality plumbing solutions. Our #1 goal is excellence, both in our work and our customer service, so don’t hesitate to invest in your home’s future by trusting our plumbing experts.

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